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Radon Testing Miami Florida

radon testing and mitigations miami florida

Radon mitigation companies are specialists who offer services for eliminating radon from homes. Radon is a naturally occurring chemical that is found in every home. This substance is present in small traces and poses no serious health threats. However, prolonged exposure to radon can cause cancer, so it is important to rid your home of this substance at the earliest opportunity. There are many different radon mitigation companies that offer mitigation services, but before hiring one, you must find out more about the services they provide. 

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    Firstly, check with your local regulatory body and confirm whether your community has required building maintenance or other requirements that may have required the presence of radon mitigation companies in the past. In most cases, radon testing has been required as a condition of obtaining a certificate of occupancy. The level of radon in a home is determined by testing the soil around the house. If high levels of radon have been detected, you will need to hire a radon mitigation contractor to come out and test the home. Once the testing has been completed and the results are available, the radon companies can determine the level of radon and suggest mitigation solutions to the homeowner. 


    Passive and Active

    It is essential that you choose a radon mitigation system that is designed to address your specific needs. A lot of radon companies offer both passive and active radon mitigation systems. The passive radon mitigation system simply uses the natural movement of the ground to absorb radon. This works just like water draining away from a rain gutter and then pouring back to the earth. The active radon mitigation system uses high pressure to force radon down through the soil. 

    It is very important that you only choose a radon mitigation system that will test for radon in a particular area. Some homeowners mistakenly think that radon testing must be done in the entire house. However, that is not the case. radon companies only test radon in the areas that will be most affected by radon such as basements, attics, crawlspaces, mobile homes, and garages.


    Check for Free Estimates

    It is also a good idea to get a free estimate before you choose a radon mitigation system. It is important that you do this free estimate because there are many different companies that claim to offer free estimates. Therefore, you should always make sure that you ask for a free estimate before choosing any particular radon mitigation system. Free estimates are often times provided by radon companies who are trying to get more customers. 


    Qualified Contractors

    Once you have decided to install a radon mitigation system, you will have to find a qualified and licensed contractor to do the installation work. This is usually not a difficult thing to accomplish. You should first try to find some recommendations from friends and family who have had their homes tested. You can ask your real estate agent as well. Real estate agents usually have a good amount of information about radon companies that they have used in the past. 

    You should also take a look at the flyers that radon contractors leave in mailboxes. These should contain a phone number, an address, and a description of the services that they provide. Most companies will include a map of their facility with the information that you requested. There are some real estate agents who will actually call and provide you with an estimate on the cost of radon mitigation and if they can do the work for you.


    Check level

    The third thing that you will want to do is to call the state or local health department and determine what the current action level is for lung cancer. Usually, the state or local health departments will have these numbers on hand either on their website or published books. The best way to find out the current action level for lung cancer is to call the department. Once you have the information from them then you can decide if you would like to hire radon mitigation contractors or not.