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Pier & Beam Installation Miami, Florida

fixing of the house beams

Beyond just concrete foundations, there are many other types of foundations that are expert team can repair. One such option is pier and beam foundations. This type of foundation has many distinct advantages, but can also face a number of different challenges as well. With our help, you can effectively address these challenges when they arise. With our expertise, you can rely on our team to always provide the most effective solutions, no matter the type of foundation that your home or building is built on. This is why we are the best repair team that there is.

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    Pier and Beams

    Pier and beam foundation repair is a further part of the repair service that we offer.

    Piers and beams can face a range of unique issues. Our service is well equipped to deal with these problems, and provides the effective solutions that you need to correct them quickly. Whether you’ve got a problem with rot or mold growth, or have noticed that you have a sagging floor, we provide the solutions needed to return your foundation to the proper state. So, don’t let problems go unattended until they get worse, stay on top of them now with our help.


    Fast and Effective

    Our pier and beam repair service is designed to be both fast and effective. Choosing a fast repair team is important, as the quicker you can address and correct certain issues the better. However, this doesn’t mean you can sacrifice quality. Our service can provide you with both. We can make sure that all repair work is done to the highest quality, whilst also ensuring that it gets done in the quickest time frame possible. It’s this combination that our makes our repair service the very best choice, no matter the work that you need done.


    Mold and Rotting

    Given that the primary material for this kind of foundation is wood, rotting and mod growth are two problems that you really need to be aware of. Both rotting and mold growth can weaken parts of the structure, which can cause many different issues. With a bit of preventative maintenance and care, you can usually stay well on top of these problems, and prevent any real issues from occurring. This is yet more of the work that our team can take on for you. So, make sure you really keep an eye on things with the help of our experienced and professional service.



    Like many other types of foundations, settling is problem that pier and beam foundations can also experience. However, given the different design, it experiences this problem in a different way. In the case of a pier and beam installation foundation, individual piers can settle and sink at different rates. Sagging or uneven floors can often be a sign this problem is occurring with your foundation. We can help you address this problem, and fix a sagging floor in the process.


    Crack Repair

    Foundation piers are a great addition to the home or business. If you have cracks on your foundation, you know how important it is to repair them. No matter how big or small they might be, they can really interfere with the normal flow of water on your foundation. A cracked foundation might be due to many different factors. You may want to consider steel piers as an option instead of digging and removing the soil around your home or business. 

    The main benefit to using foundation piers is that they can extend the life of your foundation. If your foundation has cracks, it may no longer be dependable enough to hold up against the weight of your home or commercial structure. Having a steel support in place can ensure that your foundations will last for many more years. You may not see a significant difference, but over time it will make a big difference. 

    Steel pilings have been used for a very long time. In fact, they were probably used by man hundreds of years ago. They were designed to help support a foundation. You will notice the same types of features today, although there are some that have been enhanced for modern needs. If you are looking to repair or revamping your homes foundations, steel piers could be one option to consider. 

    Concrete piers work well when you need to support areas that are too small for foundation repair methods such as wooden beams. These support systems work well in areas where the soil is compacted or even when you have to keep water away from certain areas. Many people also use concrete piers for support in older homes and structures. 


    Push Piers

    Many people still use steel push piers in their foundations. Steel can work just as well for foundations as concrete. One of the most popular options today are steel foundation repairs. If you want to find out more about these steel support methods, this article will give you all the information you need. 


    Steel Piers

    There are several different ways to install steel piers to aid in your foundation repairs. You may decide to do it yourself or hire a professional company to do it. If you decide to do it yourself, you will need the proper tools and equipment to complete the job properly. This can include heavy duty equipment such as cranes and excavators. 


    Steel Pilings

    If you hire a company to perform your steel pilings, you will need to explain to them exactly what you are doing so they can properly set up your new foundation piers. This will save them time and money if you have a good understanding of your foundation's needs. Most of the time, you will be able to have your piers installed within one day. Most companies charge a flat fee for this service, which is well worth the money since you will know that your foundation will be protected from future storms. 

    After your steel piers are installed, you will then notice an improvement in the strength of your foundation. It will no longer take as much force to bring down a house since your foundation's weight will be much lower. If you need to do some foundation repair on your property, then consider steel piers as one of the most frequently used tools. These steel pilings have been used throughout history and will continue to be used. They can be used to strengthen a house and ensure that it is well-maintained. Visit a local steel fabricator to learn more about steel piers and other commonly used tools.