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Egress System Miami Florida

Egress Miami Florida

Basement windows need to have a strong, tightly sealed seal to provide soundproofing as well as protection from the elements. In most basements, the opening to the interior of the house is right outside, or next to it. The expense to install a window that seals the inside is much more than the cost of a standard window installed for the exterior wall. The price range for a well-installed, well-sealed window runs from $100 to several hundred dollars per window, assuming space has an opening of at least three feet, with a clear opening.

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    Basement windows may be placed against an interior wall, but many homeowners choose to build a two-story extension, known as an egress window. These are normally located above the garage, or on the first floor of a multi-level home. Windows located below grade can be used as an egress window if desired since they are usually swing-out. Windows located inside a basement bedroom may not swing out, but rather be placed on the bottom floor to swing open.

    There are many different styles and designs available for egress windows. In many cases, homeowners can create a custom design to fit their space and their budget. The majority of homeowners find egress windows are simple and easy to maintain. Many homeowners opt to repair the seal instead of replacing the entire unit, saving them time and money.


    Wood Framing

    There are some special considerations to keep in mind when deciding to repair a window. Most of these involve the relationship between the house's insulation and the wood framing. Wood framing typically has a greater R-value than insulation, so less-expensive insulation often isn't effective in keeping temperatures constant inside the house. When the temperature is too cold outside, the R-value of your home will rise and you will need more wood inside to keep the heating bill low. Removing air from the home's interior also increases the R-value. A properly installed, properly insulated basement egress window will have an adequate amount of airflow to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

    If you are considering basement egress windows, consider making sure there is proper drainage inside of your home. It is common for older homes with basements to have poor drainage. Water can easily pool around the exterior of your home and can damage your foundation or walls. For this reason, most basement remodelers include drain holes inside the walls of the home. Properly installed egress windows allow water to exit the house and down the outside of the frame, reducing moisture buildup inside of your home.


    Two-piece Units

    You can choose any number of different window designs for your egress access openings. They are generally manufactured as two-piece units that consist of the opening and the exterior side of the window. Some window models open on one side while remaining completely closed on the other side. Your model selection will depend on the style of an opening that you desire for your home. Once you know which side closes and which opens, you can then choose the size of your opening. 


    Maximum Still Height

    When it comes to the proper installation of egress windows, one of the most important factors is the window's maximum sill height. Every window manufacturer recommends that their window frames be no less than four feet tall. This height is necessary for allowing the window opening to be kept open without spilling over into each other. If your window's maximum sill height is higher

    than eight feet, the opening may not open fully, causing water to leak out and collecting at the exterior of your home. Preventing water from leaking into your home is crucial to preventing damage to your foundation. 


    Repair and Installation

    When it comes to the services that are offered to you, the best way to locate a company that offers excellent window repair and installation service is to find one that offers both services in addition to window cleaning and repair. When you do this, you will have the opportunity to have both services performed simultaneously. This will give you the opportunity to have both repairs and cleaning performed while saving money. It may also save you time in that you don't have to drive down to the local emergency maintenance facility or pick up extra hours of work on your part. When you choose to have a professional company perform both services, you will be able to cut out a waste of time by not needing to drive across town to have both services performed on the same day.



    An egress window is worth its weight in gold for security. It not only keeps intruders out but also the prying eyes of curious onlookers. But like most things in this world, egress windows can get broken. When this happens, an intruder has no choice but to go around or try another route. For a visual demonstration of all of the advantages of an egress window, watch the following video below! 

    With an egress window in place, you will have a clear path from the living room to the bedroom and back. No more trying to navigate around the living room with kitchen tables and chairs on your way to the master bedroom. With the use of a remote access system, you will be able to open and close the system from anywhere in the home. Not only is this useful when entertaining guests, but also for ensuring that no one enters the finished basement before you!


    Endless Benefits

    The benefits of having egress windows installed in your house are endless. You can open them whenever you choose to so you never miss a single minute of your living space. This is particularly convenient if you live alone or with small children because you do not need to keep an eye on your belongings while you are busy taking care of business. You can use the system to open the garage doors as well so you never have to leave the car unattended when going on an errand. If you cannot open these windows on your own, contact a local residential break-in repair company so they can safely make the fix. 


    Increasing Value

    The price of egress window installation is worth every penny. Not only will you and your family enjoy the convenience and added safety, but also the increased value of your property. The value of unfinished basements may be less than what it would be to simply repair existing windows. A professionally installed egress window can increase the overall value of your home by ten thousand dollars or more. This makes it well worth the investment! Also, your family will be able to enjoy the comforts of home when it is warm outside and winter is over. 


    Meeting the Standards

    The reason that egress systems are required in some states and regions is due to the International Residential Code. The IC Codes lays out many safety rules for every type of exit, whether it is a staircase or just a door leading to a basement. Every home in America has to follow this code in order to pass inspection and stay in compliance. By installing new windows that meet the national standard, you can save yourself from potential fines and repairs, which can amount to tens of thousands of dollars! 

    However, installing new egress windows is not the only reason that you have to get these special escape routes. A properly installed escape system will also block drafty windows, keeping your heating and cooling costs low. The National Association of Home Builders explains that drafty windows can mean increased energy costs that go directly to your pocketbook. drafty windows can even pose a danger to your loved ones, as well as your pets. The National Association of Home Builders has done extensive research on the issue and recommends that all homeowners install a new egress system that meets or exceeds the national standard. 


    Natural light

    There are a few options to choose from when selecting the right egress window wells. Natural light is one of the most important factors in deciding which is the best type of window because direct sunlight can make a poorly sealed window leak through. The best way to ensure that natural light is getting into your home is to choose PVC or aluminum egress windows, which are equipped with weather stripping that prevents penetration of UV rays from the sun. Windows that are constructed from fiberglass, however, do not provide the best insulation because of their heavy construction and thin metal face, which allow heat to escape rapidly and spread. 


    Professional Contractor

    By consulting a professional home improvement company or your local home improvement contractor, you can get a free estimate for installing any one of the many basement egress window wells on the market today. You can find out exactly how much it will cost to fit one of these systems into your basement, so you can better determine whether it's something you can afford or not. Once you have an exact quote, you can then go over the design with a fine-tooth comb to figure out exactly where the windows should go and what materials you'll need for installation. When you're happy with the overall placement of the windows and the materials used to construct them, you can get a free instant online estimate from a number of reputable companies to get started.