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Foundation Crack Repair Miami Florida

repairing the crack of the foundation

Cracks are one common form of damage that slab foundations can experience. The cause of cracks can vary, but they are a problem in most cases. Often, the most pressing issue is that cracks can allow water and moisture to more easily penetrate the concrete, a problem which can result in serious long term issues if it isn’t corrected. Our repair team can quickly assess and repair any cracks that may have appeared in your foundation slab. So, you don’t need to worry about the damage they can cause.

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    Foundational Cracks

    Foundation crack repair is one of the many parts of foundation repair that we specialize in. Cracks are something that can occur in foundation slabs due to a number of different factors. Some can be caused by general wear and tear, and really don’t need to be worried about. Certain cracks, however, can be very problematic and need to be addressed in order to avoid serious issues. We are the foundation repair in Miami that can fix any cracks in foundation. So, if you need help with fixing foundation cracks, our team is the one to call.


    Truly Expert Service

    Addressing and fixing cracks in your foundation is something that really needs to be handle by an expert service. Your foundation can experience problems with a range of different types of cracks, some which are more serious or problematic than others. In certain cases, some cracks aren’t even something that you need to worry about. Whatever has occurred, you need to know the repair team addressing the problem knows which cracks to address and exactly how to fix them. Our expert service is the perfect choice for such work for this reason. We are highly experienced when it comes to this kind of repair work.



    The problem with cracks is that they can allow water to penetrate deeper into the concrete of your  foundation, which can cause serious long term damage. As the freeze-thaw cycle occurs, the presence of excessive amounts of moisture can result in the concrete expanding and contracting, which can cause all sorts of problems and damage. Without effective professional attention, this can mean that you’ll be left with an expensive repair bill. Fixing cracks can reduce the damage that water do. It can also help to mitigate other problems that excessive water and moisture can cause, such as mold growth.



    Along with allowing moisture to penetrate the concrete, cracks can also lead to problems with mold growth as well given the porous nature of concrete. Given the health concerns, and expense that comes with having mold removed, this is obviously a problem that’s worth avoiding. This is yet another reason why fixing certain types of cracks in your foundation should always be a priority. So, if you’ve noticed any cracks in your foundation, make sure you call in our professional service to assess them.