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Basement Repair Miami Florida

basement repair miami florida

Basement Repair begins with an inspection. If you notice any damage to your basement walls, floors, windows or ceilings, make sure to have your basement inspected by a professional. An experienced contractor will know what to look for and exactly how to address any issues you might have. 

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    If the rainy season comes with problems of excess water build up in your basement, it's time to call a reliable basement repair company to get the solution to protect your prized possessions, as well as your valuable home investment. Basement moisture can also damage flooring, furniture, or the items your store in your basement for future use, costing you potentially thousands of dollars for costly repair. A waterproofing company can remove excess moisture and prevent future water damage by providing an annual inspection and basement waterproofing. A qualified contractor will be able to give you a great price estimate on a quality waterproofing system. A qualified professional will be able to recommend a minimum monthly coverage that is both effective and affordable.


    Excess Moisture

    Excess moisture is usually caused by inadequate ventilation, roof leaks, improper construction, poor insulation, and poor drainage. Leaks can create water damage on the walls, floors, ceilings, and attic floor. To minimize the risk of moisture buildup and possible water damage, ensure that there is proper ventilation and adequate roof ventilation. A qualified contractor will be able to provide tips for addressing these issues. Preventing basement walls from cracking is also an important step in basement repair and maintenance. 



    Cracks in the walls are the most noticeable and least expensive problems basement repair pros can encounter. The first step in preventing cracks in the walls is making sure they have no visible signs of water or any other contaminants. Improperly sealed seams between the concrete and basement floor and ceiling should be sealed. This will reduce the amount of moisture that seeps into the floor. Homeowners can choose to fill in cracks with materials like epoxy paint or cellulose insulation.


    Basement Paint

    There are many different types of materials available to make repairs to basement walls including rebar, cement board, drywall compound, sheet rock, and fiberglass battens. In addition, there are many basement repair products that can provide relief from dampness, mold, mildew, smoke, and fire. One product that has been proven effective is a special basement paint that can be applied over cracks and surrounding walls. These paints are water-resistant and are available at most home improvement stores. 



    Dampness, which is caused by hydrostatic pressure, can affect the structural integrity of basements. One way to combat excess hydrostatic pressure is to install proper drainage systems. Most homeowners never consider this possibility, but proper drainage is necessary to prevent foundation failure. A properly installed and maintained basement foundation and drainage system will prevent water from getting inside and creating problems such as basement rot, mildew, and mold. Homeowners should also make sure that they are placing proper drainage devices around the exterior of their home in order to prevent the same problem from happening. 


    Basement Grate

    Other basement repair products include basement waterproofing solutions and basement grate, both of which are used to treat existing basements. Basement grates are typically made out of

    concrete and designed to slip over the exterior of a wall and seal off the interior of the wall. The best basement waterproofing solutions in the market are created from waterproofing agents that are applied with a special adhesive. Waterproofing agents are usually blended with grates made out of polyurethane foam. Some waterproofing agents have the added benefit of providing anti-static properties that will prevent electrical fires. 


    Waterproofing Systems

    Basement waterproofing systems are usually installed by a contractor, although some basement owners prefer to do the work themselves. Some people who prefer to perform the installation themselves may decide to purchase an inexpensive sump pump or submersible sump pump in order to save money on labor. Basement waterproofing products and drainage systems are relatively inexpensive and many homeowners can successfully complete their own basement repairs without any help. For those who may be hesitant about performing a basement repair job on their own, many contractors can perform all of the necessary work for a homeowner at a reasonable cost.